Shaka's SoulShakin' Root Hog's


New Orleans transplant "Shaka", is tune-smith, testifier, and instigator, for roots rockin' revelers... "The SoulShakin' Root Hog's".

Shaka, settled in Connecticut after losing his home in the wake of Hurricane Katrina's devastating floods of 2005.

There's no telling which way a Root Hog show might go, where fevered outbursts of spontaneity often occur within the wink of an eye. In Shaka's world, a thin line exists between performance art and the day to day embrace of life.

Ever the road warrior, Shaka has spent considerable time in Europe, appearing on the club and festival circuit, but in hindsight is quick to point out that his apprenticeship performing in Bourbon street traps has been of great value in terms of sharpening his skills and shaping him into the entertainer he is today, adding... "if you couldn't bellow out a carny's bark and back your ballyhoo nightly on Bourbon, you weren't worth your salt as a live performer".

Shaka is currently anchored by a solid rhythm section and six stringer who comfortably reside inside the less is more pocket of New Orleans/Muscle Shoals/Memphis rhythm 'n' groove, as easily as they do the world of  high energy, Rhythm & Blues/Rock & Roll.

While the Root Hog's are busy making a joyful noise, three elements become apparent to those bearing witness to this anomaly...  


Whether gospel truth, or a playful dose of embellishment, Shaka possesses a keen tell-tale ability to translate songs into raw unscripted street poetry, and in the process will as easily make light of himself as he does by shedding light upon the absurdities plaguing the human condition, thus proving tragic-comedy and music can and do indeed go together like grits & greens.

The proof is in the passion!   


 The SwampShaka Duo with Tony C represented the state of Connecticut at the I.B.C.'s in Memphis,TN in both 2012 (semi-finalists) & 2014... while in 2014, Shaka & The SoulShakers C.D. "Heard A Mighty Rumblin'" was also voted Best Self Produced C.D. in the state of CT and up for award nationally during the I.B.C.'s. 









 Contact info: 860-248-9942