Shaka Root Hog is a NOLA transplant and front man for the roots raucous mob of roustabouts better known as Shaka & The SoulShakers.

Shaka settled in Connecticut after losing his home during the devastating floods brought on in the wake of Hurricane Katrina back in 2005.

One never knows what form of spontaneity will rear it's head during a live SoulShakers performance, with sudden outbursts of fevered mania and musical mayhem readily a staple of a Shakatized side show.

Ever the road warrior, Shaka has spent considerable time in Europe appearing on the club and festival circuit, but is quick to point out that it was a valuable learning experience performing steadily on the Big Easy's Bourbon Street many years ago, one which helped sharpen his skills as an entertainer and shape him into the performer he is today, adding... "if you couldn't belt a boisterous carny's bark and back your ballyhoo nightly on Bourbon... you failed to make the grade as a live performer"!


In 2013 Shaka & The SoulShakers C.D. "Heard A Mighty Rumblin" was voted Best Self-Produced Blues C.D. in the state of Connecticut.

In both 2011 & 2013 The SwampShaka Duo represented the state of Connecticut at the I.B.C.'s in Memphis, Tennessee.









 Contact info: 860-248-9942